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“Clean Slate” laws allow people to have their criminal records sealed.

As of October 2017, New Yorkers who have certain types of criminal records will be able to have their convictions sealed after 10 years of good behavior.Don A. Murray, “How Does Section 160.59 Sealing of Criminal Convictions Work in New York?,” Seal NY Convictions, May 4, 2017.

To assist those seeking to remove decades-old convictions from the public record, the Legal Aid Society established the Conviction Sealing Project, but there are potentially hundreds of thousands of individuals who are not aware that they may be candidates for such relief. Those with more than two convictions may not apply, however, which critics say excludes people of color who may have multiple convictions as a result of the disparate racial impact of certain policing practices.Shayna Jacobs, “Legal Aid Society Seeks to Give Up to 600,000 New Yorkers a Second Chance by Sealing Criminal Records,” New York Daily News, November 25, 2017.