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Reform efforts begin to incorporate the voices of impacted youth and families.

In 2017, a variety of jurisdictions and nonprofit organizations worked to partner with justice-involved youth and families. New York City’s Department of Probation, for example, collaborated with a nonprofit organization called Community Connections for Youth and the Silberman School of Social Work at Hunter College/City University of New York to establish the Credible Messenger Justice Center. The center aims to “foster authentic partnerships between justice systems and communities that . . . engage the whole individual in relationships of lasting change, invests in community-based resources, and changes the way that government and society view the value and potential of justice-involved people."Credible Messenger Justice Center, “About the Center,”

Additionally, the Council of State Governments launched the Face to Face initiative, which “challenges all elected officials to participate in a public activity through which they can interact with formerly or currently incarcerated people, corrections officers, victims of crime, and others who have firsthand experience with the criminal justice system."The National Reentry Resource Center, “Face to Face Initiative,” The National Council for Incarcerated and Formerly Incarcerated Women and Girls emerged from a grassroots effort aimed at decarcerating women and girls and is the first national organization created and led by formerly and currently incarcerated women.National Council for Incarcerated and Formerly Incarcerated Women and Girls, “End the Incarceration of Women and Girls,” The Annie E. Casey Foundation’s Juvenile Justice Youth Advisory Council, made up of young adults who have personal experiences with the juvenile justice system, continues to build on its efforts and expand conversations about the role of formerly incarcerated youth in juvenile justice reform.Annie E. Casey Foundation, “Casey Names 12 to its Juvenile Justice Youth Advisory Council,” press release (Baltimore, MD: Annie E. Casey Foundation, March 31, 2017).